After the Spring

After the uprisings in 2011, Yemen now walks through a rough transition where the absence of a proper government, divided and unprofessional security forces, a real proliferation of AQAP (Al Qaida in the Arab Peninsula), worsening hunger and depleting natural resources draw a line which every citizen has to cross.

The country nowadays could have turned to a “Somalia 2″ if it wasn’t for that ancestral-tribal way that Yemenis have of dealing with each other and coping with hard times. That special sense of understanding and solving conflict beyond the rules, beyond the law of the state, which makes them endure where others would wither.

Yemen, Years 2011-  2012

All text and photographs ©  Juan Herrero

After the Spring - Juan Herrero

Jambiya dance during the celebration of a wedding in Thula, the Haraz mountains, province of Amran. Dating back centuries to the pre-Islamic era, the Yemeni dagger is used for self-defense and in traditional dance.

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